26 June
England U11s played Norway U11s in a 22-board match at Pontins in Hemsby on 25-26 June. This is the first time (I believe) that a Norway U11 team has been to England. England won 39-5 (!).
22 June
BCF Under 18 results, EPSCA SCHOOLS CHAMPIONSHIPS SEMIS - May-June 2005 (Excel file) results added.
19 December
Reports added on the England U11 trip to Belgium. Results added for the following matches, Mid Eng U11 - Wales, Mid Eng U14 - Wales, NW England U11 - Wales, NW England U14 - Wales
Reports on the World Youth Championships at bcfservices.org.uk/wy2004
25 August
Sheila Dines won the U12 girls trophy at the European Community Championships
Reports added on the following Junior Squad trips, Berlin, Poland, Frydek-Mistek
Results added for the following matches, Eng U11 - Wales, Eng U10 - Wales, England U11 - Zukertort, SE Eng - Wales U11, SE Eng - Wales U14
25 August
Coverage of the England team at the European Community Championships has started on the BCF site
Ben Purton won the UK Chess Challenge Terafinal, with Sam Williams and William Bennet winning the Challengers sections. Click here for the official site.
3 July
The following selections have been made for the European Union Championships and World Youth Championships this year
European Community Championships, Mureck, Austria, August
U16 Sarah Hegarty, Senthuran Sathyanandha
U14 Katie Hale, Thomas Pym
U12 Sheila Dines, Anjali Lakani, Edward Venmore-Rowland (spelling corrected)
U10 Saravanan Sathyanandha, Angus Plumbly, Daniel Hunt
Coaches Adam Hunt, Matthew Turner
World Youth Championships, Crete, November
U18 Jessie Gilbert, Sabrina Chevannes, Rafe Martyn, Gawain Jones, Lawrence Trent, Stephen Gordon
U16 Sarah Hegarty, Katie Martin, Naomi Miller, Li Wu, Peter Roberson
U14 Selina Khoo, Chantal Sirisena, James Hanley
U12 Amisha Parmar, Jessica Thilaganathan, George O' Toole, Callum Kilpatrick, Subin Sen
U10 Yang Fan-Zhou, Craig Whitfield, Stephanie Hale
Coaches Neil MacDonald, Glenn Flear, Adam Hunt plus two others
Glorney Cup, Aberdeen, July
Thomas Rendle, Charlie Linford, Paul Plant, David Eggleston, Thomas Eggleston
Faber Cup, Aberdeen, July
U10 Sarah Hegarty, Katie Martin, Naomi Miller
World Junior Championships, Calcutta, India
U20 Sophie Tidman, Lorin D'Costa
18 June
Monmouth School won the BCF Schools Competition; Nottingham High won the Plate Competition. Entries are being taken now for next year's compettion. An entry form is available at http://www.sccu.ndo.co.uk/bcfentry.htm
18 June
The Hale family- Sue, Michael, Katie, Peter and Stephanie were asked to take part in filming for a TV documentary looking at whether high achieving children involved in various activities had parents who were supportive and encouraging or just pushy! They agreed to take part to publicise the benefits of chess and in particular the positive effects that participation in competitive junior chess has had on their lives.At the Hales' request a donation was made to St John's Church, Glastonbury and to the Somerset Junior Chess Association. They were filmed for two days in December, one at home in Somerset and one on the last day of the London Junior Chess Championship Finals. The programme with the controversial title Pushy Parents ? will be shown on ITV1 on Monday 21st June at 8.30p.m (same time as Euro 2004 so footy fans will have to programme the video!) Any feedback may be directed to suehale@ChessmatesUK.net
15 May
Lancashire won the BCF Inter-County Under 18 Championships with Warwickshire second
Sussex won the EPSCA Under 11 Championship Finals after originally failing to qualify. Details on EPSCA and Sussex Junior websites
29 April
National Chess Junior Squad Championships results - U18/21 Richard Westwood (Staffs), Michael Barnes (Adult) 4.5/6, U16 Dominic Rabbitte (Lancs), Peter Roberson (Hants) 5/6 U14 champs Dan Hall (Wilts), Tom Robinson (Norf), Xi Yang Guo (Yorks) 4.5/6; U12 Sheila Dines (Surrey) (also U11 Champ), Callum Kilpatrick (S London) 6/7; U10 (Non Championship event) Peter Keetley (Notts) 6.5/7; U8 Ravi Patel (County not known) 6.5/7. Richard Westwood won the British Championship qualifying place
These are all the scores from the England Under 11 trial in Liverpool last month. Players in bold qualified for the team.
Name   Area Points
Akash Jain Herts 5.5
Patrick Butler Berks 4.5
Cai Hughes Barnet 4.5
Chris Linnett Sussex 4.5
Jessica Thiliganathan Richmond 4.5
George Tunstall Berks 4.5
Faris Ziyada Sussex 4.5
George Cloake CNW 4
Ben Dangoor Richmond 4
David Grant Sussex 4
Anthony Gregory Kent 4
Angus Plumbly Somerset 4
Nipuna Senaratne Yorkshire 4
Andrew Willis Oxford 4
Sam Baines Lincolnshire 3.5
Rhys Cumming Sussex 3.5
Oliver Exton Notts 3.5
Charlie Harnden Oxford 3.5
Dunstan Rodrigues Richmond 3.5
Sharan Soni Somerset 3.5
Benjamin Andrew Wey Valley 3
Jonathan Andrew Wey Valley 3
Ben Blundell Sussex 3
Rahil Davda Richmond 3
Matthew Dent Bedford 3
David Lawrence Herts 3
Oliver McAfee S Gloucs 3
James McCallion Wey Valley 3
Daniel Waite Yorkshire 3
Eric Williamson Notts 3
Joshua Adams Leicester 2.5
Jack Arnold Northants 2.5
Jack Cleeves Wilts 2.5
Robert Darby   2.5
David Groves Liverpool 2.5
Anjali Lakhani Nottingham 2.5
Harry Mann Devon 2.5
Peter Mellor Shropshire 2.5
Hayden Fairburn Derbyshire 2
Bethany Halpin Liverpool 2
Jack Hankinson Bucks 2
Nathan Molnar Birmingham 2
Ciara Pugh Liverpool 2
Alex Scholes Manchester 2
Athman Sivakumar Richmond 2
William Hart Lancashire 1.5
Benjamin Weatherfield Richmond 1.5
Adam Freeman Tameside 1
Tim Knight Wirral 1
Rory Corden Staffs 0.5
EPSCA have got a new website. The Young Masters is still taking place in July with Specsavers as new sponsors
23 March
Crosstables for the South of England Junior Championships at the beginning of February.
13 March
South East and South West Zonal results from the EPSCA Inter-Association Under 9 championships.
10 March
Peter Turner took some juniors to trip to Capelle-La-Grande. The link is to his report.
1 March
The dates and venues of the EPSCA Schools competitions semifinal and final stages are now on the events page.
Lester Millin reports on the successful junior squad trip to Bunratty
24 February
Andrew Martin played 321 simultaneous games on Saturday breaking the world record. His final score after almost 17 hours play was won 294, drawn 26 and lost 1 to Talal Shakerchi.
Complete list of winners for Wilts/ West of England Junior Championships on results page Thanks to Bev Schofield for providing this.
23 February
Winners at the Wilts/West of England.
Beginners not known. Saturday Intermediate Jack Berkley-Smith (Wilts), Sunday Intermediate Stefan von Hanisch (Surrey) 6/7; U8 Marcus Harvey (Oxon) 6/6; U9 Harry Cleeves (Wilts); U10 Stephanie Hale (Somerset) 6/7; U12 Challengers George Perez 5.5/6; U12 Championship Dominic Foord (Middx) and Lewis Martin (Wilts) 5.5/6; Minor Jeremy King (Wilts); Major Tom Pym (Salop) 5/5
Full crosstables at http://www.wiltshirejuniorchess.co.uk in due course.
10 February
Prize list and final crosstable of Wellington College International added.
The EPSCA Under 11 Championships in Liverpool at the end of January was won by Thomas Mavin (Durham). The results I know from the South of England Championships are U14 Closed - 1st Thomas Pym (Shrops); U12 Closed - 1st Robert Lydiard (Surrey); U11 Open - 1st Ben Blundell (Sussex) and Rahil Davda (Richmond); U9 Salvatore Neglia (Richmond)
6 February
Updated round 6 pairings of Wellington College International added.
3 February
Venues of the EPSCA Inter-Association zonals and finals are now given on the events page.The dates of the Pontins events should be known soon
2 February
Round 4-5 results, current crosstable and provisional round 6 pairings of Wellington College International added.
Round 2-3 results and round 4 pairings of Wellington College International added.
30 January
Round 1 results and round 2 pairings of Wellington College International added.
29 January
List of entries for the Wellington College International added.
28 January
The Wellington College International starts this coming weekend. There will be live coverage of the top board games here.
15 January
On February 15th, IM Andrew Martin is attempting to beat the record (320) for most simultaneous games. He is offering the following to his opponents.
  • If there are ten players from the same school, then the school gets £150 for chess equipment
  • All children under 13 get two free cinema tickets
  • All players get a T-Shirt
  • All players get a certificate
Please look at the entry form and Andrew's website. Players are expected to raise money for charity through sponsorship.
The cross-table is now up for the England Under 11 Championships in early November.
18 December
Results of NW England v Wales and Mid England v Wales on results page .
14 December
On another site; Prize winners and crosstables for the London Junior Championships.
13 December
Nothing new here, but on other sites; First day leaders in the London Junior Championships.
Full details of the England team's results at the European Community Youth Chess Championships are at http://www.bcfservices.org.uk
16 November
Junior winners of the British Rapidplay Championships listed.
13 November
England are sending a team to the European Community Youth Chess Championships starting later this month in Graz, Austria. The team is Ankush Khandelwal (U12 Boys), Amisha Parmar (U12 Girls), Peter Roberson (U14 Boys) and Poppy Aarons (U14 Girls). GM Neil McDonald is the team coach.
After Sunday's results were posted, I've been told that George Tunstall was also a joint winner of the England Under 11 Championships.
10 November
Results of NYCA U15 Championships (1st Sussex), England Under 11 Championships (1st= David Grant, Dominic Foord) and All England Girls Chess Championships, Southern Region.
Wellington College International next February added to calendar.
3 November
Results of Ampleforth Junior Masters (1st Thomas Pym on tiebreak) and Millfield International (1st RGS Guildford).
22 October
The World Youth Championships start tomorrow. Live reports are at http://www.bcfservices.org.uk/wy2003. The official site is http://www.sportmeeting.gr.
20 October
There is a Junior Squad trip to Guernsey. First and second round results are here. Updates will be put up daily, but not necessarily detailed on this page
14 October
Cross-tables from the mini-squad championships now has scrollbars on each table (Doesnt show up with Internet Explorer).
The results of these now shows some missing counties
The David Howell is touring the country by helicopter on 17th October to help launch the National Chess Week. Here is the press release from Barnardo's. The aim is to raise as much money as possible through playing chess.
6 October
Cross-tables from the mini-squad championships held last weekend in Solihull.
On results page, Mini-squad winners and England v Flanders results from September 6th
2 October
This site has got a new design (you might have noticed :-)). It is inspired by one I saw at http://www.strangebanana.com.
Results of NYCA and ECGCF events in September added
27 September
IM Andrew Martin shall attempt to beat the record for most simultaneous games played. Details here.
14 September
Peter Turner's first Reports from the European Youth championships in Budva, Montenegro
There is coverage also on the BCF website. http://www.bcfservices.org.uk/euroyouth2003/index.htm
6 September
The BCF NATIONAL SCHOOLS CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP entry form is now available on Richard Haddrell's website at http://www.sccu.ndo.co.uk/bcfentry.htm. Deadline for entry is 25th September. (Richard Haddrell's comments here)
The European Junior Championships is later this month. The website is already up and running and showing the entrants at http:\\www.eurobudva2003.htm .
Whats new before January and reports from last season have been archived so some of the links below wont work.
27 August
Lorin D'Costa won the British Land UK Chess Challenge for the 4th consecutive year. Click on the link for the crosstable and Challengers results. Before that Lorin and Aly Wilson had a challenge match against the US Woman's Champion, Jennifer Shahade. Click here for Lorin's report.
12 August
Date of Ampleforth Junior Masters and 4NCL details corrected on calendar.
Keith Fowler reports on this year's Glorney and Faber Cups where England's girls came second
10 August
Updated calendar for next year
19 July
Events page updated with most dates for next season
A report on the UK Chess Challenge Gigafinal
15 July
Various additions including UK Chess Challenge Ultimi (ie winners at the Gigafinal), BCF schools Final results, National School Teams Competition results, results of EPSCA Under 9 and Under 11 finals on results page; Full results of all the Pontins EPSCA Semifinals. (Excel spreadsheet, 228kB); England team selections for World and European Youth Championships, England selections for Glorney and Faber Cups on reports page
2 June
England South East and South West beat Wales at both U11 and U14 level. Details here.
Peter Purland reports on on the recent Junior Squad trip to Finland
As well as the challenge match, David Howell and Sergei Karjakin are giving simultaneous displays. Some boards are reserved for Supremi from Mike Basman's UK Chess Challenge. Details here. David Howell's website is worth a look.
Full results of the Brean Sands EPSCA Semifinal. (Excel spreadsheet, 199kB)
28 May
David Howell is playing an exhibition match against Sergei Karjakin to celebrate the opening of an exhibition called "The Art of Chess" at the Gilbert Collection in Somerset House. Here is the official Press Release
21 May
Winners of the EPSCA National Schools' Teams Under 9 Semi-Final last weekend at Brean Sands Pontins, Under 9 1st Hamilton (Bucks), 2nd Dulwich College (SE London); U11 1st Aldro A (Surrey), 2nd Millfield Prep (Somerset); Small Schools Competition 1st The Grange, Monmouth, 2nd Wouldham (County not known); Plate Competition 1st Wellesley Park Blue, 2nd Millfield Prep (both Somerset), full details to follow
15 May
The results page now contains EPSCA U11 Finals summary (won by Wey Valley), summary of Junior Squad Champions, and list of children who made the U11 team at last month's trial
All the scores for the EPSCA Girls Championship.
29 April
National Chess Junior Squad Championships cross-tables now available.
28 April
David Howell appears on Britain's Brilliant Prodigies on TV next Monday. Details here
27 April
Final scores at the Junior Squad Championships in Oldham.
FIDE Rated Open (incorporating U18/U21) - Craig Hanley (Lancs) , Matthew Broomfield (Surrey), Dale James (3Cs), Stephen Gordon (3Cs) 4.5/6;
U16 James Hanley (Lancs), Peter Poobalasingam (Somerset), Richard Westwood (Staffs) 5/6;
U12 Michael Keetley 6.5/7; Murray David (Northants), Callum Kilpatrick (S London), Subin Sen (Essex) 5.5/7;
U10 Nipuna Senaratne (Yorkshire), Oliver Exton (Nott.s) 6/7
26 April
Leaders after two days of the Junior Squad Championships in Oldham. Open - Leader Craig Hanley; 2nd= Matthew Broomfield, Stephen Gordon, Adam Scoular. U16 - Leader Robyn Smith.
6 April
All the leading scores for the EPSCA U11 England team trial, in Liverpool.
5 April
Some of the leading scores for the EPSCA U11 England team trial, in Liverpool. Callum Kilpatrick (Richmond) will be team captain this year.
Wey Valley won all the sections of the SCCU girls jamborees today - U18, U11 and U9. Results should be on the SCCU website shortly.
4 April
All the scores for the EPSCA U9 Final, which Hertfordshire won
All the scores for the EPSCA Girls Championship.
29 March
Wey Valley won the EPSCA Girls Championship.
28 March
Berkshire and Yorkshire have been given places in the EPSCA U9 finals next weekend.
The London Junior Finals this December will be at the same venue - Westminster University in Harrow - and date as last year
24 March
Results of other zonals of the EPSCA Under 11s.
20 March
The BCF U18 Inter-county championships is in Essex on 28th June. Peter Walker is running the event.
Chess is featured on Radio 4 tomorrow 21st March at 12:30pm. The BCF website says that Chess as a Sport is covered - it does not say that junior chess will be covered as well.
16 March
A Report on the recent Junior Squad trip to Poland - February 2003.
A Report on last year's Junior Squad trip to Poland - June 2002.
15 March
Results of the South west zonal of the EPSCA Under 11s. Please email me if you know results from other zones
Results of the NYCA U14 Champ.s.
14 March
A report on the EPSCA Rapidplay Championships in January.
Corrections to the EPSCA Under 9 zonals.
Some games from the Yateley Manor International in Jan/Feb.
11 March
Results of the EPSCA Under 9 zonals.
2 March
Some corrections to grading summaries of the South of England Junior Championships.
A report on the Junior Squad trip to Bunratty.
Winners of the Wiltshire/West of England Championships.
12 February
Final Cross-tables - both FIDE and BCF for the 4th Yateley Manor International
11 February
Results of the BWCA championships - including a FIDE rated tournament with 6 girls also on ECGCF website
9 February
SCCU Jamboree results yesterday were 1. Essex (E), 17; 2. Richmond (R), 16½; 3. Sussex (Sx), 14; 4. Hertfordshire (H), 13½; 5. Cambridgeshire (C), 9½; 6. Surrey (Sy), 9; 7. Berkshire (B), 4½. Full details on ECGCF website
7 February
Grading summaries of the South of England Junior Championships.
3 February
Some corrections to the South of England Junior Championship results and list of winners at Yateley Manor International below it.
2 February
South of England Junior Championship results
31 January
Updates to Calendar
Round 6 pairings for the 4th Yateley Manor International
There are over 240 entrants in the 6th South of England Juniors of which 62 are in the U12 and U14 closed. Results will be here next week.
26 January
Crosstable after first week of 4th Yateley Manor International
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